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About Design Bunnies

Katrina Copeland, Co-Founder/CEO

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and have spent most of my life in the Henderson area. I have a wonderful, creative husband and business partner. My daughter has been my biggest creative inspiration and I hope the keepsakes I create for her will be cherished for years. She has inspired me to try harder everyday, and to be the strong role-model I hope for her to be. Painting and other arts have always been the most pleasing way for me to express myself. I believe the self-gratification that comes from creating something with your own hands (especially a gift) cannot be matched. It is an artform that seems to be less appreciated in our world of cookie cutter surroundings and standards. I hope we can make the world a little more unique and inspiring again!

Most of my professional experience is in retail management and merchandising. I have worked for a wide range of companies and industries throughout the Las Vegas market. I have received years of training in merchandising and design principles with some of the leaders of the retail industry. Although most of my experience is in the retail world, my heart lies in the home. I love home design and organization. I want to help you turn your home and everyday life into a simple, clean-lined, re-purposing and money-saving system!

Joshua Copeland, Co-Founder/Tech Consultant

Joshua was born in Hawaii and moved to Las Vegas as a young child. He enjoys spending time with his family, coding projects in his free time and longboarding. At a young age, Joshua began teaching himself how to code video games from a book and, by 18, had worked himself up to technical manager of a RE/MAX office and was an active REALTOR. Joshua graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Software Applications Programming in 2010. Joshua also spent time working for a  start-up Nevada Gaming company, the 2nd largest POS printer manufacturer in the world, and currently programs for a large financial company and consults for Design Bunnies.

Joshua has expert-level experience in the following languages and skills:   

  • Programming & Scripting Languages
    • PHP 5
    • C & C++
    • Java
    • C# & VB.NET
    • HTML5/4
    • SQL
    • Python
    • Javascript 
  • Software/Development Experience
    • Qt
    • Visual Studios
    • xCode
    • vim
    • emacs
    • Netbeans
    • Eclipse
    • Notepad ++ 
  • Other Experience:
    • jQuery
    • Prototype
    • QML QtQuick
    • Lua
    • ESC/POS

Please contact us at (702) 530-7335 or e-mail us: Sales @ Design

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