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DIY: Nursery or Kids’ Room Mobiles

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I’ve made a few mobiles. They are so cute and simple. Babies and young children seem to love stuff hanging from the ceiling. I will walk you through the basics to making your own custom mobile for little to no cost! Ok, so here’s what I used…

  • Frame   { Be creative and upcycle. Or you can find cheap frames at garage sales or craft stores. The one I used in this tutorial was 50cents at a garage sale!}
  • Ribbon or Twine
  • Foam balls, feathers, and tulle
  • Paint, tacky glue, staple gun, pins

Ok, so you can prioritize this however you need to. First, I painted my frame red with acrylic paint. Let that dry for however long you need to. I worked on the feather balls, next. The balls were a little tedious but they turned out SO cute! First, poke a paintbrush through the ball so you can run the ribbon through after the decoration is complete.

It’s also a good handle to work with while the glue or paint is wet! The feathers are glued on the foam balls in layers.

The puffy balls are made with little tulle squares I pinned onto the foam in layers…also, tedious.

Once your frame is set, you can staple your ribbon onto the frame. I then tied the hanging ribbons onto the staples.

Now, you can hang it, and you have a One Of A Kind mobile. Here’s a few more:

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