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DIY: World Map Travel Log Wall Art

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This was a really fun project that can be personalized and added to for years to come! It all started with a map I found on clearance for like 50 cents last Back to School season. I had quite a few ideas, but I am glad I decided to turn this one into a tutorial. I plan to record all of Leona’s “travels” on the scrapbook paper details and there  is room for small souvenirs as well. Although, looking back, a rectangle map would have been way easier, it was all about being inspired by the map to begin with and working with things I had left over from other projects. If you aren’t a paint and canvas person, here are a  few other ideas: glue the map to pieces of corkboard, take your map to a frame shop and have it dry mounted to a piece of foam board (this will cost probably around $10 but it will be perfectly crisp), or frame pieces of your map in coordinating frames with no glass. Here’s how I made it and an approximate breakdown of cost (leftover materials are counted as free!):


-World Map:  $0.50

-6 Blank Canvas:  $25.00

-3 Spools Ribbon: $6.00

-Acrylic Paint, Scissors, Markers

-Tacky Glue or Spray-On Adhesive

-Scrapbook Paper

Approximate Cost: $32.00 for a 6-piece wall art display.



First, lay out your canvas on the map and trace an outline. Use scissors or an exact-o knife to cut map into desired sizes. I decided to paint the canvas after my map sections were adhered because acrylic also acts a bonding agent for the edges of my map.

Lay out the canvas’ one by one to ensure the layout is correct.

Once the maps are adhered and dry, you can paint the canvas. Get kids involved by letting them paint or glue the maps onto the canvas.

After the paint has dried, add the ribbon if you want to cover up the rough map edges. If you are going for a more rustic project, you could burn the edges to give it an antiqued look. Decorator’s tape would work well in the place of ribbon but might cost more in the long-run.


After your canvas’ are dry, you can add small details fit to your theme. Here, I had extra scrapbook paper that fit with the color scheme I will be centering a playroom around. You could also use shells, twigs, fabric trimmings, old clothing…this is where you can really make it your own! Good luck and please share your final projects or any questions!

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